Yup those of you commented your right. I’ve quit Club Penguin and this site. Sorry to all my friends and fans. I thought this site would be huge but then Club Penguin started getting boring so I’ve quit. I might still come on sometimes. This is the reason I wasn’t approving comments and wow there are allot. I’ll leave it here.

Blitz7 😦


Lightning Storm and 24th

All penguins are advised to use caution, because a storm is coming. And fast.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. The new CP merchandise is coming along with the party in Club Penguin and in New York. It’s gonna rock! By the way. I have a special surprise for you all tomorrow. So get ready to party!

Fluffy out.

Club Penguin Books

On October 24th Toys R Us will start selling Club Penguin books such as the following.
The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin

Stowaway! Adventures at Sea

Waddle Lot of Laughs (Joke Book)

Stuck-On Puffles (Sticker Activity)

Of course get stuff online when you buy this book. Just more cr** for your room. But the Ultimate Official Guide does look freaking cool. Of course it’ll be Disneyfied and it will cost far too much money. So if you want to know something about CP just comment. My head may be filled with stuff from school but there is always room for Club Penguin. 😀