Pixel Penguins


This is the Pixel Penguins page. Here you can order pixel penguins. I try to get the order’s in as fast as I can but sometimes I don’t have enough time so check back soon! If you choose a pixel item that doesn’t exist I will try to get an item that looks like it as a substitute.

Here’s an example:

Color: Black

Head: Beta Hat

Neck: Pearl Necklace

Body: Blue Raincoat

Hold: Blue Guitar

Feet: Ice Skates

Eyes: Red Sunglasses

Skateboard: Blue

Background: Night Sky

Puffle: Black

It should turn out to look like this.

If you didn’t get the first example here’s another:

Color: Blue and Red

Head: Brown Fedora Hat

Neck: Nothing

Body: Pink Hoodie and Yellow Duck

Hold: Reaper Spear

Feet: Nothing

Eyes: Green Snorkel

Skateboard: Nothing

Background: The Band

Puffle: Blue

It should turn out to look like this.

Here is the selection of items you can chose to order.

Here are the colors you can choose for your pixel penguin:

Light Blue




Light Green

Dark Blue






Dark Green

Combined Colors

Black and Blue

Red and Blue

Green and Yellow

Here are the backgrounds for your pixel penguin:

Army Background

Beach Background

Old Forest Background

Stars Background

Cloudy Background

Paper Background

Red and Blue Background

Hearts Background

Halloween Background

Bubble Background

Dock Background

The Band Background

Brick Background

Desert Background

Rose Background

Normal Igloo Background

Snow Igloo Background

Candy Igloo Background (Pink Igloo)

Black Igloo Background

Jet Pack Adverture Background

Wavy Lines Background

Christmas Tree Background

Tree Background

Snowflake Background

Snowy Background

Rockhopper Background

Ice Fishing Background

Disco Background

Rug Background

Here are the order’s.

Agentkong101’s Pixel Penguins

Bluefuzz’s Pixel Penguin

Hammy 999’s Pixel Penguin

Peng Pinky’s Pixel Penguin

Jiuyal’s Pixel Penguin

Princess Zoe’s Pixel Penguin

Pippy212’s Pixel Penguin

Waddlerk’s Pixel Penguin

Pinkplo123’s Pixel Penguin

Ghostride1’s Pixel Penguin

Glizzard’s Pixel Penguin

Agentkong101’s Pixel Penguin

Jiyual’s Pixel Penguin

Darthdj90’s Pixel Penguin

KirbyDavy’s Pixel Penguin

Bluefuzz’s Pixel Penguin

Cookie’s Pixel Penguin

Runescape364’s Pixel Penguin

Noel’s Pixel Penguin

Kelsie’s Pixel Penguin


84 thoughts on “Pixel Penguins

  1. Hi,blitz!,oh and im NOT a hacker,anyway your wordpress rocks!
    And i would like a pixel penguin

    Head:beta hat
    body:pink hoodie
    shoes:bunny slips
    neck:yellow scarf
    hold:red guitar

  2. Heyy! its Hammy!
    Can I have one for my site? I guess that a yes. here u go:
    head. beta hat
    body:Blue rain coat
    Neck: Yellow scarf
    Background: the band
    Eye: none
    I have all of these items except the beta hat!
    -hammy 999-

  3. Name: Waddlerk

    Color: Black

    Head: blue and green party hat

    Neck: none

    Body: blue snowflake shirt

    Hold: Blue Guitar

    Feet: none

    Eyes: eyepatch

    Backround: purple disco ball

  4. I’d like one with the name Jiuyal
    Head: Pink cowboy hat (I know I’m a boy, but Pink is cool)
    Neck: Green cape
    Body: Purple Hoodie
    Face: blue face painting
    Hands: halloween basket
    Feet: Cowboy shooes
    Skate board: Red skate board!
    Puffle: black
    Colour: black
    Pin: Note (If possible)
    Background: Grey Igloo!
    Good luck with that!
    By Jiuyal from da Jiuyalsters!

  5. hey, im cambarich
    can i have:
    colour-light pink
    hat-beta hat
    neck-yellow scarf
    body-pink jumper
    feet-ice skates
    eyes-black mask
    backround-pink hearts

  6. Hey im ghostride1 can i have a penguin
    Head:Red Beanie
    Body:Black Hoodie jacket
    Hold:Grimm Reaper Axe
    Feet:Black Sneakers
    Backround:The Band

  7. Color: Red

    Head: brown long hair

    Neck: nothing

    Body: purple sweater

    Hold: nothing

    Feet: yellow sandals

    Eyes: white sun glasses

    Skateboard: nothing

    Backround: fifth row, farthest right, with clouds

    Pin: butterfly

  8. Head: Beta hat
    Face: Black mask
    Neck: Red Lei
    Body: blue Cowboy Vest
    Shoes: Cowboy Shoes
    Back ground: Band
    Colour: Black

  9. Heya, plz could i have one? if so this is what i would like……….
    Pink hoodie
    Black penguin
    Red Orange And Yellow Lei
    Black superhero mask
    Pink and yellow beta party hat
    Yellow flip flops

  10. hey blitz its glizzard can i order a pixel penguin
    heres my order
    head:beata hat
    body:blue hockey jershey
    feet:gray ice skates
    face:black super hero mask
    neck: black cape

    thanks so much i apreciate it i probly spell apreciate wrong though but thanks anyway

  11. id like a to order a pixel penguin please .

    name : piaysabel


    color pink

    pearl necklace

    pink swimsuit

    pink heart backround

    pink fedora

    then if possible please find me a pair of pink or white slippers , sandals , or flip flops

  12. head:blue admiral hat
    body:orange poncho
    neck:yelow scarf
    feet:ice skates
    arms: orange armbands
    face:blue facepaint
    name:u s a 2
    pin:4 leaf clover

  13. name lola1309

    body: pink football coat
    color: dark purple
    holding: blue guitar
    skatebord: blue

    and check out my site (its new so its a little plain right now)



  14. I would like a Pixel Penguin:

    Penguin name: Super Guy108

    Background: Band

    Colour: Dark Blue

    Puffle: None

    Head: Blue Cap

    Body: Black Hoodie

    Hands: Blue Guitar

  15. Head: Blue and Green beta hat
    Face:black mask
    Neck:black tie
    Body: Black Hoodie
    Feet:black sneakers
    hand: black electric guitar
    backgrund: rockhopper
    Name: pippy212
    Head: Gold Viking helmet
    Face: Night vision goggles
    Neck:red whistle
    Body: striped suede jacket
    Hand: green guitar
    feet: black sneakers
    color: black

  16. name-montague97
    head-beta hat
    Body-Pirate suit
    Hands-green gutiar
    Neck-kings cape
    face-blue ink
    Feet-bunny slippers
    Eyes-freaky glasses
    thank you so much dude u rock!!!!!

    Sorry you can’t have any body pirate items.


  17. Name-Montague97
    Head-Beta hat or Spartan helmet
    Face-Blue ink or any pirate thing
    Body-any pirate thing
    feet-bunny slippers
    hands-lasso or green gutiar
    neck-kings cape
    backround-rock hopper
    and also can u ask all the pirate stuff please
    when will i have it

  18. blitz i want a pixal penguin please

    head: gold viking helmet

    face: red face paint

    body:ghost costume

    neck: red orange lei

    feet: ice skates

    hand: blue guitar

    backround: rockhopper

    color: red

    NAME: darthdj90

    thank you ill check alot to see if its done bye

  19. Hi it;s Kirby I would like:
    Head:St.Packtrick’s day hat
    Hold:Red guitar
    Body:Black Agent Suit
    Neck:Blue cape

  20. head:Pink bunny hood
    Body:Ghost Sheet
    feet:pink bunny slippers
    neck:purple feathery boa thing
    hand:hockey stick

    thanks ~blue~

  21. Color: green

    Head: romain helmet

    Neck: red,yellow,orange lei

    Body: blue coat

    Hold: black guitar

    Feet:ice skates


    Skateboard: Nothing

    Background: The Band

  22. color: light blue
    head: blue ball cap
    neck: vip pass
    body: black hoodie
    hand: blue guitar
    feet: black shoes
    background: rockhopper

  23. Ehmagawd!here is mine!

    Head:white golf hat
    neck:pearl necklace:
    body:pink cp jacket:
    face:white sunglasses
    feet:pink sandals


  24. alls i really want is just really really rare items plz i really want some i dont have much plz by the way this site is really cool i go on it to check what people want for their pixel penguins its cool then i can have ideas for mine

  25. hey can I get one? well here is my order:
    Color: Black

    Head: Beta Hat/1st Party hat

    Neck: nothing

    Body: spongebob thing… 😀

    Hold: nothing

    Feet: brown boots

    Eyes: ninja thing….

    Skateboard: nothing

    Background: none

  26. pirate hat

    colourful hawawiian luau

    green coat

    3d glasses

    blue guitar

    ice skates

    black colour

    army back round

    my name is flufspy


  27. this websit is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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