Yup those of you commented your right.¬†I’ve quit Club Penguin and this site. Sorry to all my friends and fans. I thought this site would be huge but then Club Penguin started getting boring so I’ve quit. I might still come on sometimes. This is the reason I wasn’t approving comments and wow there are allot. I’ll leave it here.

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Rockhopper, Furniture Catalog Secrets And Club Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary Party Items

Hey everyone! Rockhopper has come back to Club Penguin!

Here are the items he’s brought for us:

The Halloween catalog has been released!

Here are the secrets for it:

Click the books for the chalkboard.

Click the flames twice for the stainless steel fridge.

And lastly click the guitar stand for the music stand.

Here are some items that might be released for Club Penguin’s 3rd¬†anniversary party:

Toys Update And Club Penguin In Portuguese

Hey everyone! With each Club Penguin¬†toy you’ll get a coin. Enter the code online to unlock a special book with items in it. It will be the same book for all so don’t worry about collecting them all.

Also Club Penguin is now available in Portuguese! If you want to change your language to Portuguese then you just go to the home page of Club Penguin and there will be a place where you can select your language right above the play now button!

But for some reason on the Portuguese version of Club Penguin all the penguins are named Penguin with a series of numbers after it!

I’m still not sure if this is a glitch or if the Club Penguin team is still working on it.