Club Penguin Betas

What are betas?

Betas are people who first tested Club Penguin.


57 thoughts on “Club Penguin Betas

  1. hiya! im KellyM’s buddy 2 .U MISSED ME! 😦 😦 im a beta…… ! i know u missed alot like commander k my brother. both betas. peas peas put norp on me=norp=beta tester 875 days old as of march 17 2008.

    Hi! Sorry I missed you. I missed alot. But there are alot of betas so its hard to keep track and when I find one I don’t usaully put them on here. Sorry.


  2. what about ALI,phat fano,and snowcannon.

    Sorry I haven’t really updated this page for a while. I will update it soon!


  3. hey! I need an editor, author, or ANYTHING for my site. I will have anyone who works here to be one. Email me!


    Please I need some people to work for me! Thank-u

    I would be glad to work with you!


  4. hey BLITZ do u kno if idontbreak quit he hasnt updated in a long time hey i kinda have a problem i need free music but i cant use lime wire and itunes is protected so it wont work do u kno how to get free music plz comment back

  5. Diva1, Super diva,man101,phat fano,sith sith (FANO’s Other one. Real beta),Club Penguin, Screenhog,Rancid Kruat, Halo2 (Password was halo, Now Changed password 😦 , Fake Happy77 , Big Bella ,Goblin (or Something. i saw him on a non chat server) Mike Jones,

  6. blitz you forgot trushbush hes a beta tester i know he has a really rare item i meen it and hes 875 days old he even told me no lie

  7. You missed alix1232, dot, account 1, timpenguin, creekleader1, cuteness93, cool123, bikeboy93, fever, alix1114, BIG DANE, stuartputt, KURT ANGLE, coco and many more. Hope this helps:-D

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