Sneak Peek Of Penguin Plush Toys

Hey everyone!

Here is what the Penguin Plush toys will look like:

My favorite penguin plush toy is the soccer penguin!

On October 24, all new Club Penguin toys will be availible at Toys R Us, Disney Stores and the Club Penguin shop online!


14 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Of Penguin Plush Toys

  1. Hello,
    I have received your comment from Penguin Dark HQ and would like to work with you. Lets say, if you help me get more hits and add me to your blogroll, I will make you a nice banner for your site and any other graphics you require. Do we have a deal?
    Please write back on the Penguin Dark HQ site.
    Sincerely, 1337Lollie

  2. Thanks a heap Blitz7,
    we love your blog, it is really cool…
    We would love to add you as one of our authors, we will be happy for you to help out with our blog.
    Our blog is new and we just love club penguin.
    Luckchew, Buddy Bella and the Gang

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