Fall Fair Cheats

Update: Here is how to get almost unlimited tickets:

1. Play Grab And Spin (located at the dock).

2. Spin the spinner once.

3. Press tab until a yellow box is around end game.

4. Hold down enter for about 10-20 seconds and you’ll have almost unlimited tickets!

Hey everyone! The Fall Fair Fair has finally started!

The new pin is located at the lighthouse.

The prize booth is at the Forest with awesome new prizes!

There is a member party room! To get to it go to Snow Forts.

In the room there is two more games and a prize booth!

The two member games are Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop.

The best way to earn tickets is to play Puffle Paddle which is located at the Snow Forts.

Also check out the ball pit at the Ice Burg!


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