New Stage And New Pin

Hey everyone! There is a new stage and a new pin! The new stage is called Ruby And The Ruby.

You can find a Ruby in the stage and where it as a pin.

Here’s how to find it:

1. Click on the file cabinet.

2. Click on the trash can.

3. Click on the book.

4. Click on the vase.

5. Click on the picture at the stage.

6. Click on the safe.

7. Click on the ruby in the safe.

Here are the secrets for the new stage:

Click on the doorknob on page 5 for the Dark Detective’s Coat.

On the back of the stage catalog click drag down the How do I get coins message to get the Noir Background.

The new pin is located at the dock.



11 thoughts on “New Stage And New Pin

  1. hey blitz nice cheats you really work hard
    i know how it get tiring so im thinking of making a bank holiday for cp bloggers just like a vacation from your blog for a few days to relax and you can cheack on your blog here and there it gives you a break coment back if your interested.

    Thanks, but I allready have people that help me.


  2. Why did you take me off ur blogroll?

    There must of been something wrong with your blogroll because it wasn’t showing any links. But it is so I have added you back.


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