New Clothing Catalog Cheats And Stage Construction

Hey everyone! The new clothing catalog was released today and as I predicted the Pink Hoodie came back.

Here are the cheats:

For the Viking Helmet click on the yellow puffle.

For the Mixed Bracelets click on the penguin’s mouth.

For the Jade Necklace click on main base of the Sunburst Guitar.

In the wig catalog click on the Spikester for the Spikette.

Here is the new background:

Also the stage has started having construction for the next stage.

In other news:

Club Penguin released a new postcard for the Soccer Pitch.



14 thoughts on “New Clothing Catalog Cheats And Stage Construction

  1. Hey Blitz! I have now quit my site so I will now work on your site. I will also work on Noel’s site as well. P.S. Can you change the title of this website to:

    Club Penguin Cheats/Secrets/Glitches

    I would, but I tried it before and I didn’t stay at the top of google when you search Blitz7. I’ll try it again.


  2. hey blitz you shuld be able to change it to “Club Penguin Cheats/Secrets/Glitches” or watever you want that is weird how it doesnt allow you or doesnt change to wat you wanted

    It does allow me to.


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