I’m back!

Hey everyone! I’m back! And I got my computer to start working again!

Here’s what I did:

I first went on Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Then tried going on Club Penguin, it wouldn’t work. But there was this message that said, download this plug in. So I clicked it and it downloaded the abode flash player! And my computer worked again!

I will now start posting again!



6 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. hey blitz glad your back flash can be a burden at times glad your back any way im making a movie do you want to star in it
    oh yeah im going to give you a welcome back present for when your making a movie
    how to get a clear ocean for a set for your movies im going to use the glitch on
    my movie to il post a video what to do
    and il say this is for blitz and coldyguy
    im so happy your back a welcome from cpclubx

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