I Quit

Hey guys. I’m sorry for not posting that much. The reason is because I quit. I did not quit because Club Penguin was getting boring.

Here are some reasons why I quit:

Youtube wouldn’t work so I google searched why and tried basically everything. So it still wouldn’t work so I deleted them from my computer all the things that I downloaded. Then it messed up my computer so I can’t even play Club Penguin any more and can’t go on xat.

It’s hard to wake at 12 in the morning to post.

I’d rather play soccer than be on the computer.

If I can fix my problem than I should probably come back. Sorry to all my friends. I had awesome times with you. I might still post sometimes, but not as much. If you know how to fix my problem just leave a comment.



21 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. idk but u could 1 geta no computer 2 use someone elses or any computer u can find or 3 get an expert to find out the problem then again it may be a prob wit da connection…

  2. Me = Sad
    – Download everything back
    – Buy a new computer
    – Reinstall Windows or Mac
    – Ask someone to fix your internet connection
    – Reinstall Internet Explorer
    – Do nothing and play soccer.
    Just dont quit. 😦

  3. why dont you get other people to help with the blog and they can help you with the posts so you dont have to much on your shoulders.

  4. Hey dude!
    I could help you on your site while ur computer isn’t working if u want.
    It’s ur choise. I’m only saying this so that u keep some of ur viewers.
    Post a comment on my site on what u think about that idea.

  5. Hey Blitz! WHAT!!!!!???????
    Your Quiting! I was just becoming to be your friend. ME VERY SAD.
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

    I’ll post tons of things on your site dude! I can also help you fix your problem. You see, my dad is a genius at computers. Maybe he could help you. Also, for the time being, just go on another computer.

    Coldy Guy

  6. Hey Blitz, why did you delete my post! It took a long time to get pictures and write down the new stuff and all you do is delete it! I did it for you. Thanks for nothing.

    I deleted it because this site does not need to be updated anymore.


  7. I am Very sad 😦
    How to Get Back:
    – Download everything back
    – Buy a new computer
    – Buy Windows Vista
    – Call the owner of the internet connection
    – Download Fire Fox 3
    Just dont quit. 😦

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