The Penguin Game Cheats

Hey guys! Here are the Penguin Game cheats:

First off if you go to the Coffee Shop you can get the Red Face Paint.

Then if you go to the Pizza Parlor you can get the Blue Face Paint.

Now with games, the first game is at Ski Village. It’s the marathon.

In this game you go throughout all of Club Penguin stopping at lights. Make sure lights light up when you stop at them or them you can’t complete the race.

Once you have completed that it should end at the Forest. Now head over to the Ice burg. There you can play three lap rap. In this game you will start at the checkered line and will go around the Ice burg 3 times. Make sure you stop at each light just like in the marathon.

Finally the pool. There you can do the free style race swimming event. You have to complete 6 lengths to pass. But stop at the two lights at the end each time you pass them.

Now claim your medal!

If your a member, enter the Ice Rink from the Snow Forts and there will be a soccer field.


7 thoughts on “The Penguin Game Cheats

  1. Hi Blitz,it’s KirbyDavy.Sorry for being out of the subject but Can i ask you something?How do you copy what you are doing on club penguin and post it on to paint or photoshop?I tried something once and it worked but now it doesn’t.Thanks.If you tell me it will help me so much.:)

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