New Glitches

Hey everyone, it’s Blitz! I’m going to start finding glitches again!

Here’s some really cool ones:

How To Move On Any Pathway Or Doorway

1. For example go to the town

2. Click on the left or right pathway

3. Quickly click on your penguin mail (not buddy requests)

4. Wait until you think you have waddled unto the pathway or doorway

5. Close your penguin mail

Here’s a picture when I did it:

No Text Glitch

1. Click on your chat bar

2. Press Send

Here’s a picture of what it should look like:

Walk Under Chat Bar

1. Go left or right of the chat bar

2. If your on the left click on the right but if your on the right click on the left

This glitch only works in certain rooms of Club Penguin.

Stand On The DJ Table

1. Go to the Nightclub

2. Click where my penguin is on the DJ table

Walk On Building Walls

A friend told me this glitch, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

1. Go somewhere on Club Penguin like the town

2. Zoom in 700

3. Click somewhere like the Nightclub wall and your penguin should walk up onto it

Letter Glitch

Warning: Penguins can be banned for using this glitch

1. Go to the log in screen on Club Penguin

2. Select “Log In As A Different Penguin”

3. If your penguin has one or more of some of these letters copy and paste them onto the user name log in instead of your normal penguin name for example instead of Blitz7, Blîtz7

a: â, ã
c: ć, ĉ
e: è, é, ê
i: ì, í, î
n: ñ, ń
o: ó, ô, õ
u: ù, ú, û

4. Type in your password

5. Log in and your penguin name should have the letters instead of your normal penguin name

If you copy any of these glitches you must give me credit.

Letter glitch by Mike 92


5 thoughts on “New Glitches

  1. I have one when your dancing with anything press D and keep pushing it and you will stop dancing i dont know if you knew this so i just want to tell ya ok?

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