Update: The contest has ended.

Hey everyone! Blitz and I decided to have a contest. It’s a commenting contest! It’s for rare non-member penguins. There is a first place prize, second place prize and a third place prize.

Here are the rules for the contest:

1) No Spamming

2) No Advertising

3) Allowed to use numbers

If you spam or advertise, you will be out of the contest.

First Place Prize:

Be an Author on Coldy Guy’s site for two months, be on Coldy Guy’s blogroll for two months, be buddies with Coldy Guy (will never be removed), your website on Coldy Guy’s Cool Sites Page and in a post for two months, be on Blitz’s blogroll for one month and two rare non-member penguins. Here are pictures of the rare non-member penguins. Thanks to Beauie100 for the first penguin.


Second Place Prize:

Be a Contributor on Coldy Guy’s site for two weeks, be on Coldy Guy’s blogroll for two weeks, be Coldy Guy’s buddy, your website on Coldy Guy’s Cool Sites Page and in a post for two week, and a rare non-member penguin. Here is a picture of the rare non-member penguin.

Third Place Prize:

Be on Coldy Guy’s blogroll for one week, be Coldy Guy’s buddy and your website on Coldy Guys Cool Sites Page and in a post for one week.

We won’t approve the comments till next Monday afternoon. And that’s when the contest ends. Good Luck! 😉

Coldy Guy and Blitz7


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