Club Penguin Band

Hello everyone!

Today I just saw the Club Penguin band giving out backgrounds! I saw Petey K, Stompin’ Bob, and Franky. I did not see G Billy though. I saw them on Frozen inside of the backstage. I took a few pictures too.

Stompin’ Bob

Petey K


Also here is what the background looked like that they gave us.

The background is pretty cool. And it was exciting to meet the Club Penguin band! They go to different servers inside of the backstage. I am not sure if they only go inside the backstage but if they do then non-members can’t get them. Club Penguin is starting to make it so non-members have less fun on Club Penguin. I think they should let non-members into the backstage but I think it’s just unfair.

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4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Band

  1. hey there nice site uhh add me on your blog roll 🙂

    Sorry you do not have the requirements to be on my blogroll.


  2. i agree non members should be able to be in the back stage. the only advantage members should have is being able to buy clothes

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