I Quit

Hello Penguins, Bankr Here

Well I am here to say that i am quiting my site 😦 .


  • Well I’m not gonna be on Club Penguin that much because, I think that I need to enjoy the summer while it’s here and be more active, not just sit on the computer half of the day.
  • I just moved and I’m still moving in to my new house 🙂
  • I’m sick of not getting hits (But thats not really why)
  • And why would people view my site when we have Watex, Wwe Adam, Mohd, Mike92 and much more great sites?

And I’m to lazy to post most of the time 🙂

So I just wanna give a thanks to Purpalooloo, Blitz7, Sid Fan and Purply Pink for all the help.

Purpalooloo – He’s the one that inspired me to get my site, and did a FANTASTIC job being admin and he did a great job on my side bar. His site is http://purpalooloo.wordpress.com  PLEASE GO THERE FOR A GREAT SITE.

Purply Pink – He was always the first one to post out of all my admins/contributers/authors and he did a great job (before he hacked my site) at making edits.

Sid Fan – Well Sid Fan helped me with my Funny Pics page And he always posted just like a admin should do and was and still is a great friend (not saying that Purpalooloo Sid Fan and Blitz7 aren’t).

Blitz7 – Well what can I say, Blitz is a great guy and helped me get hits plus he posted allot.

NOTE: If I missed anyone please let me know just right a comment and I’ll check it.

If I am an editor or anything else on your site you can just remove me (This goes for everyone that I helped out on there site)

Well I had fun and see ya on Club Penguin (Sometimes)!

Last Post :(,

Waddle on


And when the summer ends I’ll think about coming back but I doubt it.


One thought on “I Quit

  1. I didn’t see this till today. Thanks dude, and I hope I will still get to see you if you’re ever on. Well I’m sorry about your site too. I hope you have a great time for the rest of your summer!;)


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