DJ Game Preview Edited

Hello everyone!

I noticed this from but Club Penguin has changed the DJ game preview that was shown yesterday. Here is what it looked like.

But now the picture has changed. Here is the picture they are currently showing right now.

Here are the differences that are in it. (Cabluey noticed these)

  • The Penguin’s color is now green.
  • There are yellow, and blue wires from the DJ Table.
  • There is a dark red circle in the bottom corner by the wires.
  • The centerpiece, by the penguin has a small white glow.

If you see anymore just comment below and then I will put it up and give you credit.


5 thoughts on “DJ Game Preview Edited

  1. Hey Blitz7, can you add me as an author of your site? If you do, I promise I will post tons of things.

    Coldy Guy

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