New Furniture, Music, and Pin!

Update: The new features are awesome! There is also a new item just go to your oldest mail on penguin mail and you’ll find a blue mail bag! There are also many other cool new features that Club Penguin never told us about!

Well, the new furniture is out.  Half of it was junk that was just removed from the catalog, another bit of it is new items that are lame or just like something old, and a tiny bit of it I’m happy to see in the catalog, like the Music Stage and Wall Speakers.  Here are the secrets:

Click the Grand Piano for the brand new Guitar Stand!

Click the Coffee Shop plant for the Vegetable Garden, which was in the catalog unhidden last time.

Click the Sea Weed for the Clam, which was hidden in the last catalog.

Also, Club Penguin updated the music.  All of it is old, and one of the tunes is in Aqua Grabber.  Have a look:

Finally, the new pin is out athe the POOL!  It is a Treble Clef (Im a 7 year guitarist, I KNOW what a Treble Clef is…)!

Check it out guys!  I was disappointed with the catalog and music, but the pin I was happy to add to my collection! See ya!



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