Rockhopper Returns and New Sports Catalog Cheats

Hey everyone! Rockhopper has returned and Club Penguin released a new sports catalog!

Rockhopper has some awesome new items and old items!

Click on the middle of the Soccer Ball to get the Cleats.

To get the Silver Surfboard first click on the penguin that is holding the surfboard to make it be the

Then click on the starfish and seashell.

And buy the Silver Surfboard!

If you wear the Soccer Ball by itself or with a soccer jersey you will be juggling the ball with your feet.


4 thoughts on “Rockhopper Returns and New Sports Catalog Cheats

  1. Umm Blitx? I am going on vacation for one week and unfortunately, I can’t take my laptop and there will be no computer there, so i need you to post anything that happens in CP.

    Not Just Newpapers and Catalogs, everything!

    Including Pins, New Mission Sneak Peeks, New Penguin Mail (if launches) , New Player Card Update (if launches).


  2. Blitz can i have ur penguin password please? And if I can have ur penguin visit my site and tell me what reward u want for the peng
    but contact me as soon as possible because on Monday im going to camp is my site con

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