Mission 8 Cheats and Rockhopper

Update: I made a new video the post above this one to see it.

Hey everyone! Mission 8 is finally released it’s called Mysterious Tremors. It’s about the earthquake in the town! You must be a secret agent to do this mission to learn how to be a secret agent Click here!

1. Talk to G

2. He will tell you to go to the dock

3. Go to the dock

4. Talk To Herbert

5. Pick up the lantern

6. Follow the piece of map that is floating in the wind (not the one sticking out on the nightclub)

7. It will land in someone’s newspaper at the plaza

8. Talk to them

9. They wish they had a pizza so go to the pizza parlor and buy them a pizza

10. Give them the pizza and they should give you the newspaper

11. Take the part of the map out of the newspaper and put it in your invetory

12. Go to the coffee shop

13. Talk to the worker

14. Clean up the cookies

15. He should offer you cookies, take one

16. Go to the town.

17. Give a cookie to the puffle

18. He will try to get but can’t

19. Go to the HQ

20. Grab the brown fedora hat that has a propellar which is behind G

21. Go to the coffee shop

22. Get another cookie from the worker

23. Give the bigger propeller hat to the puffle

24. Get the second part of the map and put it together with first part

25. Go to the dock

26. Go into the tunnel

27. There are different pathways on the map follow them

28. There is a pipe blocking the gift shop door unscrew it using your spy phone

29. Go to the beach

30. Get the net

31. Ask the penguin on the stage if you can have some ballons he will say yes

32. Move to the left and ask the other penguin if you can have a barrel of cream soda he should yes

33. Go to the HQ

34. Get the hammer on the wall in G’s room

35. Go to the sport shop take the pegs

36. Go back underground

37. Follow the directions on the map again

38. Once you get to the underground gift shop shake up the cream soda using your mouse

39. Use the cream soda to blast up the gift shop

40. Quickly use the net

41. Then still be quickly use the pegs

42. Then hammer them in with the hammer

43. Go through the two tunnels that are now under the gift shop you should end up in the boiler room

44. When you go through the first tunnel you will Herbert’s drill take out the gear and add it to your inventory for the gift

45. Talk to Herbert he will destroy the boiler

46. Save the boiler by connecting the top left pipe to the bottom right pipe

47. G should call and you collect your medal

Rockhopper has been seen at the beacon!


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