Updates On This Site

Hey everyone! I’ve had a few updates on this site! I just got out of school so I will have allot more time to be working on this site.

Pages That Have Been Updated

Club Penguin Secret Agent Cheats

Club Penguin Betas

About Blitz7

Pages That Are Going To Be Updated

Funny Pictures

The Funny Pictures page is going to have allot more funny pictures.

Fan Mail

I just got a new email for Club Penguin fan mail, it’s xblitz7@hotmail.com. Please email me if you want to speak with me or ask a question or something like that. I will be glad to answer emails just please tell me where to answer back.

Back To Posting Early

If you haven’t noticed I’m back to posting early.


I know I haven’t had a contest in a really long time. Well now I’m going to try to have alot more! But if it doesn’t work out then I might stop.

Here are some contests I’m thinking about:

Who Is This Penguin Contest

Comment Contest

Editing Contest

A New Penguin

I might get a new penguin but the rest of it is a surprise on what penguin.


I will probaly continue to be editing things and show them here every once in a while.


6 thoughts on “Updates On This Site

  1. Thank you so much Blitz! It makes me feel great that you really like my site! Although i dont really use the blogroll sidebar but if i ever do i will add you to it! P.S. keep visiting my site im trying my best to get more stuff for everyone!

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