New Pin Hidden, New Furniture Catalog Cheats and Earthquackes

Hey everyone! There are some great updates in Club Penguin.

First off the new pin is hidden at the Pizza Parlor.

The new furniture catalog is great, it has allot of summer furniture.

Here are the catalog secrets:

Click on the Surf Towel Beach for the Inflatable Dragon.

Click on the Sea Weed for the Clam.

Click on the Sunset Painting for the Lava Lamp.

There are earthquakes all over the town and places in the town. This is probably for the new mission.

Here are where the earthquakes are happened:


Coffee Shop:



Dance Longe:

Gift Shop:


6 thoughts on “New Pin Hidden, New Furniture Catalog Cheats and Earthquackes

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  2. Heya! I am having a comment contest at my site, if you win there are five incredible choices of your pick! It ends in five days, so tell your friends, than start commenting!!! Cya!


  3. Blitz7: Remember this; You post the new newspaper, the new catalogs, and any thing that happens the same day when the newspaper or catalog is released.



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