New Newspaper and Water Party Over

Hey everyone! Club Penguin released a new newspaper about the Water Party!

If you go to the Summer Party Review page and click on the crab a secret agent message will appear. I have decoded the message.

The crab in the mine and pool really was Klutzy.

Here are new the events:

The Water Party has not been extended and is now over.


3 thoughts on “New Newspaper and Water Party Over

  1. hey!
    srry about that 😦 😦

    since he hadnt moderated them lolz.

    if u win the penguin?

    this is wat i will offer u if u give it to me…

    a permanet admin spot on my blog (u no its pretty famous)

    my buddy on cp.

    u get to be on my blogroll.

    u can copy any of my posts and pages for free.

    in any of my further contests u get the choice of having wat im raffling ooff.

    tell me ur reply!
    simmer 27

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