Hey everyone! I’ve been really busy working on a couple new stuff for this site and my videos. I have been editing items and doing other things. I will really improve this site over the summer because I will have allot of time!

Here are some things I made and a little about them:

Editing names

This is not a hack I edited it. I’m probably going to have a new page for it, where you can order penguin names and I will show them!

I made an edit of a party hat just for fun!

This will be for my videos, that I have started to make again!

A CPTV banner for Chewy Pup! I’m probably going to make one for Heatblast too. I edited the beta hat to what I like to call the Cheetah Party Hat!

Do you like my edits?


7 thoughts on “Editing

  1. I dont care if i only have 1,600 hits cause i dont take that kind of rubbish, i only add good friends to my Blog roll and have no rubbish rules (like you need to have 5000 or 10000 hits) so i dont care how many hits anyone has, as long as there a good friend to me, i add to my blogroll them but if you take me off yours, fine by me, ill take you off mine 😉

    If you re-add me, i may con-sider re adding you 😉

  2. blitz i forgot to make people admins and authors and stuff its been so long since i’ve done it so i forget

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