Clicking Penguins 1

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5 thoughts on “Clicking Penguins 1

  1. Hello everyone! i have got 10,000 hits so i will be throwing my first party.

    Here is the information

    When: June 5th

    Where: Iceberg

    Server: Frozen

    Time: 2:00 pst (Penguin Standard Time)

    Extras: i will be adding 20 lucky people, I’ll be filming and taking picture’s of everyone who comes. Then I’ll post them on my site, and i will add 1 person as an admin on my site!

    That is all when the party first starts. We will meet at the iceberg and move on from there.

    for in formation come to


  2. Hey there! It’s Mileystephy, the author for The Penguin Alliance!How do you add Author’s to a page?

  3. Thanks For Commenting My Site. I’ll Have To Think About Adding You To My Blogroll. Cya!
    P.S. Your Site Is Awesome 2

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