New Pin Hidden, Furniture Catalog Secrets and Wizard Hat

Hey everyone! Here are the new updates:

The new pin is hidden at the Boiler Room move your mouse over the bucket of lava to get it.

The Wizard Hat has come back and now is in the Lighthouse.

Here are the furniture catalog secrets:

Palm Tree:

Coffee Shop Tree:

Plush Gray Chair:

Inflatable Dragon:


There is also a secret in the pet furniture catalog, it is the gray house. Here is how to get it:

 Some pictures from and I will get more of my pictures soon I just don’t have enough time.

Remember my party!

Glitter Text Generator

When: May 24 at 2:00 pm Club Penguin Time and 11:00 am Eastern

Where: Frozen at the Dock

Who: Everyone

What we will do:

Go almost everywhere on Club Penguin

Play Find Four

Sled Race

Play Mancala

Play Tag

Play Cops and Robbers at my igloo

Have a snowball fight

Have Fun and more!

Here are some prizes that will happen if you are there:

I will add at least 20 penguins if there are

I will record and click tons of penguins

I will take a picture of 5 penguins and show it on here and a little about you is an awesome site!


3 thoughts on “New Pin Hidden, Furniture Catalog Secrets and Wizard Hat

    • Me and my buddie Corrina like having fun and exploring ways for members to have fun and we try to buy everything and we really like having fun Corrina is such a nice friend I like everyone in my buddie list my only problem is that I have no room for other buddies that is how club penguin can improve I think that we should have a fireman station and a police station and a docters aswell that will make it funer than this that is what my daughter thinks.

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