Mini Contest

Update: The contest is over

Hey everyone! Here’s a mini contest!

Who is this penguin? To answer just comment.


You may only guess once

You may only guess on this post

If two people guess the same penguin then the person who guesses first wins

If you have a site you must tell me it

You must tell me your penguin

You must pick two sites in your comment or comment again

If you don’t follow these rules then you comment may not count


This penguin is my buddy

This penguin makes awesome videos

This penguin has an awesome wordpress

Prizes Choose Two Please

Your site will be advertised in three new posts

You will get to be on my blogroll for three weeks

Your penguin’s name will be advertised in a five new posts

You can pick a Club Penguin related video to be in one post (must be appropriate for all ages)

You can be a contributor on Pinnit7’s site for three weeks

Your penguin’s picture can be advertised in one post (must give me the link to the picture)

Your penguin will be added to the famous penguins page


26 thoughts on “Mini Contest

  1. gator360

    Please choose two prizes if you think you think you are correct. I will not give it away yet if you got it right or wrong because other people need more time to guess.


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