Log In To Two Accounts On Club Penguin and Updated Player Card

1. Go to www.play.clubpenguin.com
2. Leave that open, go to www.play.clubpenguin.co.uk
4. Log in to a penguin on www.play.clubpenguin.com
5. Now, log in to any other penguin on www.play.clubpenguin.co.uk if you want to see your other penguin remember to go in to the same server.
6. You have now logged in to two penguins at once.

Don’t log in to the same penguin because if you do it will say Connection was lost.

This is what it looked like for me:

Below is a post from the Club Penguin Team they said there is going to be an updated player card! So then you can find your items quicker and easier. Will it be like the new furniture organizer?

Hello Penguins!

A lot of you have mentioned that it’s really hard to find the item you’re looking for in your inventory and it can take a long time. It can get confusing too, especially for those of you with a lot of items!

I wanted to let you know that the player card inventory is being improved at this very moment! When the new features launch at the end of May, all of your clothing and accessories will be better organized and really easy to find. The team has been working really hard on a new design for the inventory–a lot of you have suggested grouping items and making separate tabs for them and I think you’ll be happy with how it turns out!

As always let us know what you think! I’ll have more info next week on the next feature!

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

I will announce the contest winner soon.


21 thoughts on “Log In To Two Accounts On Club Penguin and Updated Player Card

  1. cool website though and the easy was is make another thing when ur computer starts make another icon like that and log on club penguin switching back and fourth.

    your welcome.

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