New Clothing Catalog

The new clothing catalog is out, it is pretty cool. The catalog is medieval times based.

First off I would like to mention that there is a secret message hidden in the catalog, to see it go to the last page and drag down the box that says “How do I get coins?”. You will then see an icon of a note, when you click it you get this message:

So that probably means that there will be a medieval times party for this month.

Here are the catalog clothing secrets.

Crystal Staff:

Woodman’s Hat:

Cheese Tie:

Viking Helmets:

(Open and close the red one four times to get the blue one).

Green Snorkel:

There is also a new Wig Catalog with a secret hair style!

The Spikette:

In other news…

Club Penguin has now added the button that will make the game smaller when you click it. It is located in the tool bar to the left of the log out button.

From because I couldn’t get pictures.


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