New Things

Hey everyone! I’m back from vacation sorry I didn’t post. I didn’t have time. Now I will posting more. There are allot of new things. Here they are:

Here’s a guide for mission 7.

The new pin is at Ski Village.

Here’s how to get Rockhopper’s Key:

1. Go to the Book Room

2. Open up the books

3. Open up Rockhopper’s Journal flip to the last page

4. Now go to Rockhopper’s ship and you will be able to go into the Captains Quaters

Here’s a picture of the key:

Here’s picture of the Captain’s Quarters and there is a new game there too!


There is another new room on the Migrater.

There is a new Sports Catalog!

Rockhopper dropped off new items at the beach!

Here’s a picture of Rockhopper if you find him he gives you a free backround.


5 thoughts on “New Things

  1. hey buddy,
    i was the one who said “do you know me” on clubpenguin and u said who? i said wait ill tell you.well here i am.i am beta23 next time i see you please add me and nice post!!!

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