Mini Contest Winner

Hey everyone Altoid234567 is the mini contest winner! He guessed that it was Pasta1006 and thats right! Altoid’s site is and its a really cool site! He will now get the prizes. Here’s a pic of Pasta below.

More mini contests coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Mini Contest Winner

  1. Sweet site dude, I’m just made mine like 3 months ago so it’s not that great yet.

    ~Red Rune Man~

  2. Hey Guys and thx Blitz! Well I know that Altoid234567’s wordpress isnt that good so I made a new one Its
    Blitz is an editor at that website too,so i guess it has to be cool.I also have a contest too,you have to take a pic of it and edit it if you win you get to be in my prductions!!!

    I’ll enter the contest!


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