Pixel Penguins

Hey everyone check out the new page Pixel Penguins/Pixel Items at https://xblitz7.wordpress.com/pixel-penguins/  order today!

Here are the items you can choose from.


16 thoughts on “Pixel Penguins

  1. ok i want a black penguin.
    with the purple disco ball background.
    with a blue and green party hat.
    with a blue snowflake shirt.
    with an eyepatch.

  2. Hello, my name is Ana and I like very much your blog. I am from Brasil, and a know speak in inglish. Look:
    Olá, meu nome é Ana e eu gostei muito do seu blog. Eu sou do Brazil e eu sei falar em inglês.
    This is portuguese my language is this. bye!

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