New Theme

Hey everyone I got a new theme. Its better and worst than the old one. If you don’t like it sorry I don’t like it as much either. The reason I did it was when I was working on the Funny Pics which is now updated. Lots of my pictures were getting cut off. So its been annoying me the whole time. Then I finally changed it. So now the pictures won’t get cut off! Its kinda plain looking though sorry.


4 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Thanks for everything.
    By the way here is why we need an army/ group
    You are absolutely right. A lot of Members are really nice. Maybe all we need is a big group of people to stand up to them, the show offs and the “member only”people , but on our own, they laugh and exclude and tease us. We need leaders because without people go in all different directions. And colours so people know that We Are United!
    A Duckie (BeachPig)

    Ps: next time could you please post it onto my non members page because they are easier to find
    Thanks for everything again!

    No problem! I hope those “member only” people will stop and have fun. Because without non members Club Penguin probaly wouldn’t survive. It would die down because people would stop paying or get bored of it. Your right we do need leaders to stop them. Thanks!


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