Tips On Having A Good WordPress


Post allot but not to much because if you post to much people might not see the most important things that they want to see. In your posts show allot of cool things like pictures and videos. Be happy and show allot of interesting things.


Pages are more important things than posts because you always keep them on your front page. In your pages show allot of interesting things. Be funny, cool or interesting. Show funny, cool or interisting pictures and videos. Another good thing for pages is to make a list of things like my page it is a list some beta testers on cp. Make sure you update your pages!


Have a really cool header that catches the eye. Make it a picture of what your wordpress is about. Sometimes your the text of your site is in the way you can remove your text by going to Presentation then go to Custom Image Header and click hide text. If you think it looks better with the text change it back.


Most people have steps to be on their blogroll make sure you completed those steps.Find some popular sites that are about the same thing your site is about. Comment saying Hey awesome site! Can I be on your blogroll I have completed all the steps! Then give them your site.


Have really cool widgets that catch the eye and make them want to come to your site. To look for widgets look at other sites that are popular.

Your Domain

Make a nice and easy domain that is easy to remember and will get allot of people to come. Make sure your domain is about your wordpress or make it your nickname or something.


Do not spam when you advertise your site. Make sure you are nice. Allot of sites have advertising pages where you can advertise your site. Make sure you advertise on popular sites.


To get hits advertise look at the advertising step above. Help people who have just started their blog and be nice to them. They will probably go to your page allot and get others to. Have a good blogroll look at the blogroll step. Make sure you post allot see post step.


If you post about the same thing allot make a category of it. Make sure your category title is interesting so people will want to go to it.


It is good to have polls on your wordpress. It helps you know what the people that visit your wordpress want and like. For example . It has a nice easy question and five easy answers. Make your polls easy to answer and advertise it in a post.

Animations, Pictures, Slideshows and Videos

The best animations are funny. Make them say something funny or do something funny. Videos are very cool. Usually music videos are the most popular. Make a music video or any video and post it on your wordpress. Make sure the video is good though. Its good to post a video every time you make one. Slideshows are good to show when your posting allot of pictures or pictures that fit together. I recommend that you use rockyou slideshows at . Pictures are awesome on your wordpress! If you need to show something then just take a picture and put it on your wordpress. Pictures are very helpful and will get more people to come visit your wordpress again.

Have a good time with your wordpress!


17 thoughts on “Tips On Having A Good WordPress

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