Easter Egg Hunt/ New Igloo Catalog

If you want to find the Easter eggs yourself do not look at this. If you are looking for the new igloo catalog secrets scroll down to the end of this post.

 Egg 1

The first egg is at the mine in the lantern.


The second egg is at the dock on the pilliar.                            


 The third egg is in the Puffle Shop behind the puffle.

Egg 4

The fourth egg is at the bookroom (upstairs coffee shop) looking like a cactus.

Egg 5

The fifth egg is in the Gift Shop on the Drees Up poster.

Egg 6

The sixth egg is in the plaza looking like a street light.

Egg 7

The seventh egg is at Lodge Attick inside the box. Just move your mouse over the box and it will pop up.

Egg 8

The eighth egg is in the dojo disappearing like a ninja and is dressed like a ninja!

Pipe Organ

Click on the Upright Piano to get the Pipe Organ for 4500 coins.

Concert Lights

Click on the Home Stero slot thing to get the Concert Lights for 1650 coins.

I hope you enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and the new igloo catalog!

Happy Easter and Good Friday!


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