How To Find Billybob

Hey everyone! Here are some tips on how to find Billybob! He is usually on quiet Canada servers or Test Server 1. To go to Test Server you must be a test penguin. To be a test penguin you must a have a Club Penguin account that is activated and register a test penguin. To register go to . If you already have a test penguin go to . When you find him nicely say wanna be friends and not BILLYBOB I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! Or something like that and he might add you. He is really nice so be nice to him back. These tips might also work for other mods.


7 thoughts on “How To Find Billybob

  1. In the test servers how do u get the beta hat?

    Sorry that is hack. Hacking is VERY bad and I hate it. I will not be giving you any hacks. Sorry.


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