Aqua Grabber

Hey everyone! How are you likeing the new game, Aqua Grabber? Its pretty easy. The prize is a new pin. If you need help here it is. Hints the bubbles give you air, if you knock into a wall while carrying an item the item will fall.

1.Rockhopper’s Treasure chest:When your above the net turn right and go down. It will be on a perch next to some coral.

2.Rockhopper’s Rudder:Turn left above the net and go down pick it up and drop it off at the net.

3.Rockhopper’s Anchor:Go above the net turn left and go down untill you sadly see the sunken Migrater,get a bubble and go left there will be Rockhopper’s anchor waiting for you to rescue it. Drop it off at the net.

4.Rockhopper’s Journal:Go left or right and go down to the sunken Migrater. Get a bubble then turn right keep going right untill you hit a wall. Go up and you will find some air cave, get some air. Go left and get Rockhopper’s Journal drop it off at the net.Hint:When you go back get a bubble!

5.Rockhopper’s Ship Wheel:Go left or right go all the way down to the Migrater stop get a bubble and turn left but stop when you see 2 huge iceicle things. Go up then left pick up Rockhopper’s Ship Wheel go back.Hint:When you back get a bubble!

Glitch:When your above the net go straight down and your penguin will go right through the net!


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